Deep sea sportfishing in Kenya


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Fishing Seasons in Kenya

East African climate is governed by two monsoon seasons:

The “Kusi” or South-East Monsoon and “Kaskazi” or North-East Monsoon.

  • The “Kusi” begins anytime from end of March and may continue until end of October.
  • The “Kaskazi” starts November-December and lasts until late March.

There are two definite fishing seasons in Kenya:
Yellowfin Tuna Season , which runs mostly from August to October and Marlin Season from November to end of March.

However it is possible to catch Billfish during so called ‘low season’ (April to July) if “weather permits basis”.

Mombasa is famous for its big variety of fish, so there are many good catches when fishing in Mombasa throughout the year.

For the best fishing experience in Kenya please contact us so that we can arrange your deep sea fishing trip in Kenya.